AIM Projects 2016-2017

All Projects For 2016-2017 

Project 1:  Freestone County History Project (9th Annual Participation)  

  1. ​Historical Homes of Fairfield (2008-2009)
  2. Historical People of Fairfield (2009-2010)
  3. Historical Trivia of Fairfield (2010-2011)
  4. Historical Businesses of Fairfield (2011-2012)
  5. Streets of Historical Fairfield (2012-2013)
  6. Faces of Fairfield  (2013-2014)
  7. Historical Marks in the Landscapes (2014-2015)
  8. Contributors to the Fairfield ARTS
    1. Newspaper Article
  1.  Freestone County’s Animals of Historical Importance. ​Has toured all campuses, the city library, County Museum, and will journey to the County Fair in June.

Project 2:  Ebay:  6th grade:  Students will sell one item on Ebay.  Study entrepreneurlship.

Project 3:  Chess:  Chess helps students improve their mental abilities, such as: problem solving,critical thinking,pattern recognition,planning ahead,spatial awareness,focus and concentration.  Chess teaches students that there are consequences for their actions and that making good decisions based on planning and reasoning has happier outcomes than being impulsive and making poor decisions.  Final Competition:   UIL

Project 4:  SteamPunk Invention Convention.  Working within the SteamPunk genre, kids will use technology from last Spring’s Technology Teardown to created a “steampunked” invention.  Displayed at all schools and on their personal websites.  

Attend the A&M Engineering Conference, SPARK, Dec. 3

Project 5:  Book/Movie Writing:  1st-5th are writing and publishing books.  Author’s Tea in March.  6th grade made their story into a Locker Woes Movie​

Project 6:  Physics of Golf:  Students, individual or in small groups, will create one of 18 holes of a putt-putt course.  Course will assemble at the Intermediate school for competition.  Field trip to county golf course for lecture on Physics of golf, driving range, putting range, and 3 holes of golf. 

Project 7:  Robots! and Computer Programming



Field trip:  Hillsboro ISD GATE program

On-going Projects:  2017 art mural “On my Mark” music lessons, brain games, technology lessons, etc.